A Review of the Course “Introduction to Digital Currencies”


The course is delivered on a weekly by way of a MOOC. For those of you that don’t know, MOOC stands for massive open online course. MOOC s allow you to access courses from anywhere in the world.

They typically have a start and end date and last for weeks or months rather than years. The beauty of a MOOC is that they are free and they give you access to top-class learning and usually, community support.

They don’t always lead to a formal qualification but you can use them to gauge your interest in a subject or expand your knowledge.

The University of Nicosia’s course has an impressive pedigree. It is organised by the well known Bitcoiners, Andreas Antonopolous and Antonis Polemitis.

The course  covers a wide variety of topics including:

  • What is a medium of exchange
  • Basic cryptography
  • Bitcoin Transactions
  • Wallets
  • Mining
  • Alternative coins

There are quizzes,  lecture notes and video. You can go at your own pace and the content is very well presented.

I found the course very useful, it was challenging enough but not too technical.

As the course covers a wide range of topics you will find some sections of it harder than others – but that’s OK. I found the hardest part of the course was the sections on cryptography. However, I managed to get through it successfully.

I thoroughly enjoyed the course and it gave me a focus for my studies.  Now I’ve set my sights on the Certified Bitcoin Professional exam. The notes I made on the University of Nicosia’s course should help me with this.